Candybar planet band foto

Photo by Esther van Waalwijk

Candybar Planet

Candybar Planet a band from Eindhoven the Netherlands renowned for groundbreaking music from 1994 to 2002, as founding member of the Eindhoven Rockcity movement and spearheading the stoner/heavy rock music in Europe. The band consists of Koen Rijnbeek drums, Murphy van Oijen guitar/samples and Richard Plukker vocals/bass.

Their music can be summed up as heavy rock, rooted in the nineties with sounds branching well into this century; girls will love to dance to the beat, boys will love the powerriffs and spacey sounds.

Candybar Planet released their latest work Timelapse in 2013 and is playing in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, notably Roadburn, Paaspop, Scumbash, Speedfest and their dutch club tour 2014 Bleach, Handgrenades and Deodorant.

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